Austin DenHerder

Austin started his first successful business at the age of 9 years old and had his first employee when he was 12.  He has since owned and operated many successful  businesses and has found that he enjoys to teach and show others tips and tricks of the trade as well as sharing his experiences.  Austin likes things to work well and be effecient and has found that many people have become reliant on his ability to find good products and best practices.  Austin has been a woodworker for over 19 years and enjoys researching what the market has to offer.  I suppose Austin started his woodworking career even earlier as a boy when he built his first tree house, but that is a story on it's own.  Creating a Youtube channel "Get - R - Done" Videos was one way to share his research, tips, techniques, favorite tools, and fun projects.  We hope you enjoy Austin's energetic and humorous get - r - done personality.
On a personal note, Austin has been through about 5 lifetimes.  Yes most videos are really shot at actual speed.  He is fast.  Yes he has tremor and no it's not from coffee although he really likes his coffee.  Someday I'm sure he'll share some of his more personal life stories, but him being here is nothing short of a miracle and we're glad he has his shop to share with all of his viewers.